UEFA said Thursday that all Belarusian clubs and national teams competing in European competitions must play their home matches on neutral ground following the Russian invasion of Ukraine....
As Belarus resists imposing a lockdown to combat the coronavirus, its football league has stumbled into the international limelight as Europe's only remaining top-flight competition....
As most people in Europe are confined to their homes, life goes on as usual in Belarus where even football is continuing -- though fears are growing over the leader's contentious response to COVID-19....
As the rest of Europe shuts up shop to combat the new coronavirus, Belarus remains resolutely open for business....
Hotfoot from creating a stir at the World Cup Diego Maradona arrived in Belarus on Monday to begin the latest chapter in his colourful career....
11. Round
18/06/2022 Arsenal Dzerzhinsk Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - Shakhter Soligorsk Shakhter Soligorsk -:-
18/06/2022 BATE Borisov BATE Borisov - FK Isloch Minsk FK Isloch Minsk -:-
18/06/2022 Dinamo Minsk Dinamo Minsk - FK Slutsk FK Slutsk -:-
18/06/2022 Belshina Bobruisk Belshina Bobruisk - Energetik-BGU Minsk Energetik-BGU Minsk -:-
18/06/2022 FK Vitebsk FK Vitebsk - Torpedo-BelAZ Zhodino Torpedo-BelAZ Zhodino -:-
18/06/2022 FK Gomel FK Gomel - Dinamo Brest Dinamo Brest -:-
18/06/2022 Dnepr Mogilev Dnepr Mogilev - Neman Grodno Neman Grodno -:-
18/06/2022 FK Slaviya Mozyr FK Slaviya Mozyr - FK Minsk FK Minsk -:-
12. Round
25/06/2022 Arsenal Dzerzhinsk Arsenal Dzerzhinsk - FK Slaviya Mozyr FK Slaviya Mozyr -:-
25/06/2022 Dinamo Brest Dinamo Brest - Dinamo Minsk Dinamo Minsk -:-
25/06/2022 Energetik-BGU Minsk Energetik-BGU Minsk - Dnepr Mogilev Dnepr Mogilev -:-
25/06/2022 FK Minsk FK Minsk - Belshina Bobruisk Belshina Bobruisk -:-
25/06/2022 FK Isloch Minsk FK Isloch Minsk - FK Gomel FK Gomel -:-
25/06/2022 Neman Grodno Neman Grodno - BATE Borisov BATE Borisov -:-
25/06/2022 FK Slutsk FK Slutsk - FK Vitebsk FK Vitebsk -:-
25/06/2022 Shakhter Soligorsk Shakhter Soligorsk - Torpedo-BelAZ Zhodino Torpedo-BelAZ Zhodino -:-